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Robert M

Hey Carlton! I thought I might share our setup. We got the Autowbrake installed and working great. We have a somewhat unique need in that we rent several cars (all newer Mercedes-Benz vehicles) on Turo and we also rent out our trailer on Outdoorsy. We have an MB GLC300 that has a built in brake controller but the GLA250 and CLA250 (yes, Mercedes smallest sedan) have no brake controller and no easy way to install one. The Autowbrake is essential for enabling those two vehicles to tow our trailer. Just for kicks, here is our CLA250 towing our Jayco trailer. Something like this might be common in Germany but not so much here in the US. Thanks for making this possible.

Dave J

If you are looking for a simple, reliable, adjustable, and flexible brake controller then I would recommend that you look at an AUTOWBRAKE. I did and I will recommend it to anyone who wants the safety and reliability of a brake controller that is adjustable and has the flexibility to be used with multiple tow units. It does what it claims it can do

2017 Outback and Subaru

I want to share with you the reason why we have selected the autowbrake product for our travel trailer. I have spent some time searching online looking for a brake controller product that was wireless and required no equipment mounted inside of our car. Our main objectives was to keep our car intact and away from splicing a standard brake controller in to car wiring not mentioning the esthetic of the dash once the brake controller was mounted on to it. It turns out that there are only few companies out there that offer wireless brake controls but with a little bit of a research I was not too impressed with them. Also my main worry was that if i get something from overseas i may expect some or no support, and if I get something cheap that no-one had seen before, I won’t be able to install it etc… and the dilemma continued on.

As I was researching more, I came across a youtube video review of “autowbrake” by MRtruck and that spark my interest immediately. After the review I've decided to call MRtruck -Kent to get more information about this autowbrake and his thought of the product as he used in the field. To my surprise MRTruck was super nice and he provided me with more information I could ever hoped for. Now that I've found product that I really liked, and that was made in USA, with solid reviews and support my order was placed.

Carlton was really nice and understandable of the situation, and with that he walked me through the procedure on how to hookup and validate the autowbrake on my trailer. Once done, the brake controller was calibrated and working!!! What a dedication and personal touch. I can not be more happier with the autowbrake product and specially knowing that I can depend on autowbrake and its company in many years to come. We have since put over 3k miles on the trailer and the autowbrake systems works perfectly every time. Thank you :)

Kris S - Truck

Let me tell you my wife and I were thrilled with the way the Autowbrake handled. It was so smooth and gentle this time. There was no jerking at all, just a smooth brake when it was needed. When we went down the mountain I downshifted and coasted mostly, while the accelerometer braked harder and faster. These were not interstate switch backs either, I was having to slow all the way down to 10-15 mph in between straightaways. My wife said that she feels it is an ideal brake controller for a person towing for the first or second time. You really do kinda forget your camper is behind you...although it does remind you since it weighs 7000 lbs. haha! All in all it was a great 2nd test.

Bryce and Hannah - Truck

Let me tell you my wife and I were thrilled with the way the Autowbrake handled. It was so smooth and gentle this time. There We love our Autowbrake trailer brake controller. It is been simple to use, simple to install and an absolute game changer. My wife Hannah tows our 40 foot, 30000 pound horse trailer and she loves that the Autowbrake provides smooth braking which does not adgitate the horses. Autowbrake brakes far smoother than our standard brake control. Hannah is so happy with the Autowbrake that she had me remove our old controller. We couldn’t be happier with it!

Martha and Rick - Lance RV

Carlton, Your help was so appreciated! My husband installed the AutowBrake this morning using your directions together with the Lance 7 pin wiring diagram. As you can see, he mounted it at the front wall of the front pass through storage area where there were no internal wires, or metal to interfere with it. All calibrated and ready for us to take our first camping trip in it! We didn’t need the extra length of wire you sent but appreciate your consideration. Would you like it mailed back? We did buy ring terminals to attach each wire in the junction box— perhaps other folks would like to know that.

Tom B

I spoke with Carlton yesterday about setting the low, medium or high on my autowbrake. I found it works best in medium and makes it feel like you don’t have a trailer on while stopping. Top notch product.


I just wanted to tell you a little bit about why we’ve chosen to use the Autowbrake brake controller on our fleet of rental trailers. With our travel trailer rental business, we often encounter folks that do not have brake controllers installed in their vehicle and since brakes are a must with our trailers, we’ve chosen to offer the Autowbrake brake controllers with our rental trailers. The set-up and installation of the controller on the trailers is simple and instructions for use are easy to follow; even for folks that are unfamiliar with towing! The best part is that a permanent brake controller does not need to be installed on the customer’s vehicle – save us time and the rental customer money! Carlton in the tech service department is extremely knowledgeable and responsive if we have questions. I hope this helps!

Michael L

I bought an Autowbrake for my Casita Travel Trailer a couple of years ago. I have been very pleased and impressed by how well the Autowbrake works, particularly on the steep, curvy mountain roads here in Northern Arizona.

My tow vehicle is a 2021 Hyundai Palisade. It is a wonderful vehicle, but Hyundai has yet to release a 7-pin wiring harness and brake controller coupling, even though the car has 7-pin wiring and is sold as having a 5000 pound towing capacity. They are still delivering a tow package with a 4 pin connector, suitable for towing only 1500 lbs.

I initially got the Autowbrake as a stopgap, intending to get a dash-mounted brake controller once the wiring connectors became available. I want you to know that I am so happy with the Autowbrake that I have decided not to replace it at all.