We recommend having a dealer or installation professional install your Autowbrake Trailer mounted electric brake controller. If you want to do it yourself, watch the videos and follow the instructions below.

Autowbrake Calibration & Setting Changes



How Does Autowbrake Work?



Next Steps (Step 2)



Next Steps (Step 3)





We recommend mounting close to the trailer junction box/ usually on the trailer frame, however other options are fine (ie: in cabinet, inside trailer etc.) Autowbrake can be mounted in any direction and any angle for ease of installation. Once you decide on the location it’s time to match up wiring.

Now familiarize yourself with your trailer’s wiring diagram. You will need to locate 5 wires. Check your trailer manufacturer’s operation manual
Locating Brake Light Wires

Turn on tow vehicle ignition and plug trailer into vehicle just like you are ready to tow. Turn on vehicle hazard lights or have someone inside vehicle press and hold down the brake pedal. Use voltmeter to locate brake light voltage and connect brake wires (green and yellow) on the Autowbrake controller.


Test and locate the 12 volt power source (Red/Black wire, check trailer manual). Connect the Autowbrake power wire to this wire either at junction box as recommended or direct splice into trailer harness. Attach the other wires to their corresponding sources as recommended.

We always recommend having lights on while towing for safety reasons.

Two Person Calibration Process

Have one person get in the vehicle and press the brake pedal (turn vehicle ignition to on position and trailer harness plugged into tow vehicle). Have them continue to hold brake pedal down. While the brake pedal is depressed, have the other person go back to Autowbrake and depress both buttons at the same time for 2 to 4 seconds then release. Once the LED tops flashing you can release the brake. Your Autowbrake is calibrated.

To change the power settings have one person press vehicle brake pedal. Other person presses the gain button for 2 to 4 seconds to change settings. The Autowbrake LED light will flash showing you the setting. (Flash counts above)

What's this Key Fob for ???

Once you are all hooked up and ready to go, you wonder if all is well and working right. So get yourself ready about 10-15 mph (make sure your lights are on…for safety, visibility and especially if you used power option 2 as the controller power source). Press the key fob button while you are driving and you will feel your trailer brakes pulse slowly…..feels like slow motion ABS… are connected and Autowbrake is on and braking. 

The key fob provides you the ability to make subtle changes in braking force. Up button is used to increase braking force and down button is used to decrease braking force. These changes can be made while the tow vehicle is at a completed stop or in motion.

  1. At a complete stop: press brake pedal down and press the up button on the key fob. This increases your braking force level. If braking force level is too strong use the down button on the key fob instead of the up button.  
  2. In motion: lightly press the brake pedal and press the up button on the key fob. This increases your braking force level. If braking force level is too strong use the down button on the key fob instead of the up button.