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We recommend having a dealer or installation professional install your Autowbrake Trailer mounted electric brake controller. If you want to do it yourself, watch the videos and follow the instructions below. (Not designed for motorcycles and bikes) Downloadable PDF

Selecting The Right Mounting Option For Your Autowbrake

Connecting & Mounting the Autowbrake to the Trailer + Wiring

The Calibration process & Selecting + Changing Your Autowbrake Settings

How You Sync Your Key Fob to the Autowbrake

Trouble Shooting and Some Hints to Help You With Setup

Installation Instructions

Tools required for Do It Yourself Installation

  • You may need a voltmeter with 20V setting to identify trailer / vehicle hitch wires (12 volt rating available at most hardware stores)
  • Wire connectors/ wire nuts, electrical tape, #10 hex head socket or screwdriver
  • Packing list includes 5 #10 hex head self-tapping screws
  • 1 cable clip
  • 1 Key fob remote
  • 1 Autowbrake Trailer Mounted Brake Control

WARNING: Failure to properly wire the Autowbrake to the correct wires on your trailer may result in product failure and WILL void your warranty. We recommend having an industry professional install your Autowbrake for you.  

Step 1: Select Mounting

The Autowbrake can be mounted any direction and any angle which provides a lot of freedom on installation location.  We recommend locating the Autowbrake close to the junction box (usually on the trailer frame).  ** If you cannot locate the junction box on your trailer check the inside compartments or trace wires to the junction box on your trailer (possibly inside compartment or inside trailer).

Step 2: Identify Autowbrake wires and trailer wires

Update the trailer wire color column in Table 1, noting the wire color to the trailer function.  It is important to verify correct trailer wire functionality.  **Use your trailer manufacturer owner’s manual (most available online) for your specific trailer colors codes and verify with voltmeter. **



Trailer Junction Box

Wire Color

Wire function

Trailer function

Wire Color


Ground wire

Connects To





Connects To

12V power

(See Note)



Left Turn Signal

Connects To

Left Turn signal



Right Turn Signal

Connects To

Right Turn signal



Electric Brake output

Connects To

Electric Brake


                     Table 1

Note: Power source


If you do not have a 12-volt power line from tow vehicle (example 4 way flat plug instead of a 7 way), you can Use running lights as direct 12-volt power source.

When using this option, you must have your vehicle lights turned manually to the on position, and not use the automatic light feature. You must also know if you fail to turn the tow vehicle lights on while towing you will also not have functioning trailer brakes.

Step 3: Connect Autowbrake to trailer wiring

Connect all Autowbrake wires to the matching labeled wires on the junction box or hard splice to trailer wire harness using Table 1 as a guide.


Step 4: Mount Autowbrake to trailer

Using self-tapping screws included, to securely mount Autowbrake to your trailer.

Please be sure it is mounted snug, but do not overtighten. You want to make sure there is no movement once mounted. Check for secureness after towing the first few times to be sure it is snug.

Once all wires are connected and Autowbrake is mounted you may move on to step 7

Step 5: Calibration

Calibration is required the first time you install your Autowbrake.  The calibration process is a ONE-TIME process. Recalibrate again only if the Autowbrake is relocated to another trailer or moved to another position on the trailer.

NOTE: We recommend calibrating Autowbrake on a level driveway or road surface.

Calibration process.

  1. Connect the trailer to the tow vehicle.
  2. Plug in trailer harness to tow vehicle.
  3. One person gets in the vehicle, turn vehicle ignition to on position and press the brake pedal down. (Make sure vehicle lights are on if using Option 2 for installation / lights as power source)
  4. While the brake pedal is pressed, another person goes back to Autowbrake. PRESS AND HOLD both stainless steel buttons on the Autowbrake until the LED indicator light is solid then release the buttons.
  5. When the LED indicator light stops flashing, the calibration process is complete. Your Autowbrake is calibrated.
  6. Release the brake pedal.
  7. Go back to the Autowbrake with your keyfob and press any button on the keyfob. The LED should light up. This confirms the keyfob is synched to your Autowbrake and the brakes will activate.

Step 6: Selecting and Changing Autowbrake Settings

Change settings and power level complete the following:

  1. Press and hold the brake pedal down in the vehicle.
  2. Press the Gain/right button once to increase settings or press the Calibrate/left button to decrease settings while vehicle brake pedal is depressed.
  3. The following are the recommended settings:
  • Setting 1: 1 slow flash 3 times in a row (total 3, up to 3500 pounds)
  • Setting 2: 2 slow flashes 3 times in a row (total 6, 3500 – 6900 pounds)
  • Setting 3: 3 slow flashes 3 times in a row (total 9, 6900 – 12000+ pounds)
  1. Once Autowbrake is set to applicable setting release the brake pedal. Autowbrake will always power up on the last setting used, so no need to do this each time you tow

 SAFETY WARNING: It’s not recommended to exceed your vehicle trailer towing capacity.

Check Settings

You can check current setting anytime by pressing the right button/Gain on Autowbrake without depressing brakes anytime the trailer and tow vehicle are plugged into each other. See above chart again for LED indicator to determine setting.

Key fob Adjustment Buttons

Key Fob Adjustment Buttons

Key Fob Adjustment Functions

The key fob provides you the ability to make subtle changes in braking force while driving. Up button is used to increase braking force and down button is used to decrease braking force. These changes can be made while the tow vehicle is at a completed stop or in motion.

NOTE: There are 6 levels available within your selected setting.  (example..2.0,2.1, 2.1, 2.3, 2.4,2.5)

  1. At a complete stop: Press brake pedal down and press the up button on the key fob. This increases your braking force level. If braking force level is too strong use the down button on the key fob instead of the up button. (Key fob image above)
  2. In motion driving: Lightly press the brake pedal while driving and press the up button on the key fob. Each time you press the up button, it increases your braking force level. If braking force level is too strong use the down button on the key fob instead of the up button. (Key fob image above)

Trailer Sway (All buttons on fob/ driving & not applying vehicle brakes)

If trailer sway occurs complete the following:

If your trailer starts to sway on the road, the NHTSA recommends activating the manual brake control override by hand.  Applying the tow vehicle brakes will generally make the sway worse.  

  1. Lift your foot from the accelerator and DO NOT step on the brake pedal unless you’re in danger of hitting something.
  2. Press all buttons on the key fob remote. You will feel the trailer brakes activate while you are using the vehicle accelerator pedal.
  3. Hold fob buttons down until trailer sway is reduced. Release fob button(s) and continue towing.
  4. If you are braking and using the key fob at the same time you will be adjusting brake force as described on previous page under key fob functions


No LED light when attempting to calibrate > check wire color codes to confirm wired correctly.

No LED light when Autowbrake gain button is pressed > check wire color codes to confirm wired correctly.

HARD TRAILER BRAKING > check the currently setting. Top of Page 8 > Check settings.  Press left button on Autowbrake.  Any flashes mean that you have levels set by using the keyfob.  Press on brake pedal and press furthest button away from the keyhole to reduce braking force.

Look for us on google, Facebook as well as our website for helpful videos or call us for support 7 days a week….Yes even holidays…………we are here for you 319-521-2310



Quick Reference Guide: Autowbrake

Press and hold brake pedal > Have someone Press and hold BOTH buttons until you get a solid red LED, then release both buttons to calibrate.

Autowbrake Sync Buttons

Calibrate-press and hold both buttons until solid red led.  Then release.

To check your current settings and levels release brake pedal. 

Press right button.  Count LED flashes for main setting.  (3 total = setting 1) (6 total= setting 2) (9 total= setting 3) 

Press left button. Count LED flashes for the FOB levels. 

** KeyFOB: You must press brake pedal then press KeyFOB buttons to make an adjustment



Visual Aids

Wiring Autowbrake

Wiring Autowbrake pt 2