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The AutowBrake has been getting talked about, if you won't take our word for it, you should at least take theirs.

Tom B
I spoke with Carlton yesterday about setting the low, medium or high on my autowbrake. I found it works best in medium and makes it feel like you don’t have a trailer on while stopping. Top notch product.

I just wanted to tell you a little bit about why we’ve chosen to use the Autowbrake brake controller on our fleet of rental trailers.  With our travel trailer rental business, we often encounter folks that do not have brake controllers installed in their vehicle and since brakes are a must with our trailers, we’ve chosen to offer the Autowbrake brake controllers with our rental trailers.  The set-up and installation of the controller on the trailers is simple and instructions for use are easy to follow; even for folks that are unfamiliar with towing!  The best part is that a permanent brake controller does not need to be installed on the customer’s vehicle – save us time and the rental customer money!  Carlton in the tech service department is extremely knowledgeable and responsive if we have questions.
I hope this helps!

A lost art in the business world today is Customer service. Most companies focus on the money, the margins, closing the sale under the guise of "relationships." Autowbrake takes a refreshingly old-school approach of putting the customer first. So much so that they personally called me back on Monday morning to take care of my recalibration issue. They walked me through troubleshooting, issue identification, and resolution within 15 minutes saving me a 3+ hour trip to the dealer or a visit to the mechanic who installed the 7-pin connection.

Whatever the star rating available - give Autowbrake the highest marks and add another for personal touch and empathy. An American company putting the customer first and providing the support required is a standard that they set and reinforce regularly. If they can take the extra time - you can spend any extra money for peace of mind. Qualify products made the right way, and they back it with exemplary customer service.
Mike B

Installation and calibration was a very straightforward process. Installed it on a 1900 lb 'squaredrop teardrop trailer. Tow vehicle is a '21 blazer with tow pkg and 4500 lb tow rating, factory receiver and 7 pin, but only blunt cut wires behind dash for brake controller. Didn't want to ugly up the dash with a controller and came across the autowbrake. GENIUS PRODUCT! Other tow vehicle is a silverado with factory brake controller, so the autowbrakes sleep mode is perfect. Thanks for making the exact product I needed to work between my camping trailer and both tow vehicles.
David E