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  • Byron Cooper

Autowbrake - what is it and how did it come about?

We started out as breathing new life and electronics into an older idea that was ahead of its time. Back in 2000, my step father and I were discussing some of his ideas and inventions from his 30 year experience with building and selling boat trailers. Being experienced in towing various trailers and all that goes along with towing, I thought having a brake control on the trailer to copy the vehicle braking was a great idea!

Then the idea was reborn.
We took money, time and new electronics and breathed new life into this old idea. 5 versions later, with improvement and changes made along the way (by listening to our customer), we have arrived at where we are today:

An amazing team with a great product. The Autowbrake.
We had simplicity and function in mind, thinking that all of us just want to do one thing when towing, which is to “Plug and tow”. We just want to drive and get to our destination and nothing else to mess with - only connect your trailer the way you would normally do and drive and let Autowbrake do the rest for you. With nothing to sync, download, reset and so forth, and not to mention nothing inside
your tow vehicle, it’s easy to install. You’ll forget it’s even there. As the years and electronics have gained on us, people and the towing industry are more accepting of electronics and computers now. We are also more cautious of what could potentially affect our new vehicles and electronic systems. With this in mind, Autowbrake makes even more sense now as it is completely mounted on your trailer and there is nothing invasive to your own vehicle (Nothing in the cab even, period.)

Here's how it works:

  1. 5 wires on the Autowbrake connect to your existing trailer wiring.
  2. Mount Autowbrake anywhere and any angle/ direction on the trailer (yes including inside a cabinet, on the frame or anywhere else you can think of).
  3. Calibrate the Autowbrake so it understands what “level” it is (this only needs to be done the first time you install it, and not again unless you move its location to a different trailer or mounting location on your trailer).
  4. Plug tow vehicle and trailer together, select Autowbrake setting by pushing a button on the Autowbrake and you are done(3 weight based settings from 1,200-20,000 lbs…Now plugand tow everytime)!

Let’s take a look at the features and more details for those of you who want more than what we just covered.


  • Autowbrake controller activates brakes in proportion to your vehicle's braking action
  • Activates immediately (no pausing like with time - delayed brake controllers)
  • You can get heavy-duty emergency braking, general braking or slow-to-an-idle braking for your trailer automatically (With a proportional brake controller)
  • Unit mounts completely on the trailer - nothing inside the vehicle but a key fob
  • No bulky controller or invasive wires to clutter your cab
  • No interference with vehicle electronics, computers or other vehicle accessories
  • Has the ability to switch between different tow vehicles with no additional setup
  • 3 Weight-based settings to ensure you have the right amount of power for the load you're towing
  • 5 Power levels which enable you to adjust initial braking power and aggressiveness
  • Braking power can be adjusted while at a complete stop or while driving with the included key fob
  • 1-Time calibration process with Smart Start feature (always starts up on last used setting)
  • Easy-to-access manual override button on key fob
  • Allows you to apply the trailer brakes in an emergency or to correct trailer sway
  • Weatherproof casing protection from harsh weather
  • Mounts in any direction and wires to your trailer's junction box
  • No need to connect to your vehicle's brake light switch
  • Using a series of accelerometers, gyrometers, and a sophisticated computer program, this brake controller will sense how your tow vehicle brakes
  • You can switch back and forth between different tow vehicles with no additional setup
  • Automatically goes to sleep mode when it senses another brake controller
  • Lastly, made in the USA

Autowbrake team has a daily customer service support from a real live person, not automated responses. We know that most people tow their trailers on weekends and that is when questions occur. We pride ourselves in offering a quality product with the kind of customer service that is highly reliable and dependable.
Autowbrake is a product that we consider a great investment to your trailing needs. For inquiries or more information, give us a call now at 319-521-2310.